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Home >> Yuanzi Inscription Cliff Stone tourist information

Yuanzi Inscription Cliff Stone

Yuanzi Inscription Cliff StoneYuan Zi Inscription Cliff Yanjin County is located 15 kilometers southwest of hummus off, 213 State Road sidelines passes into traffic arteries as Yunnan, Sichuan, Qin, Han, five feet of the strategic pass. Cliff engraved on the rock, difficult terrain, left for the cliffs, across the river and to the right of Zhu mention dangerous rock confrontation, like two huge Shimen, briefly lock channel for the throat, Sui, Tang called Shimen.

Tang Zhen nine years (AD 793 years), Nanzhao Wang Mou search requests sent messengers go Don. Cui Zuo Tang sent sergeant with the different search Mou league in Dali Cangshan, Nanzhao rebellion 42 years later, Don and Don reconciled. Wu Tang Zhaoting sent in the following year, Yuan Shi Zi, Chijie canonized Mou went to Yunnan Yunnan search is king. Yuan Zi censor books held by the Rongzhou (now Sichuan Yibin) into Yunnan tour package to whenever the Shimen (now hummus off), personal feelings, stone notes. Yuan Zi same content Cliff Inscription and new, old Tang, pretty book, Mirror and the book records. Inscriptions record the facts and Nan Tang friendly relations, is a symbol of national unity, is the study of Tang and Nan important kind of information. January 1988, the State Council announced the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Yanjin County town off the north bank of hummus, hummus Shimen mark on the rock cliff, Tang Zhen decade (794), Yu Shi Zhongcheng Yuan Zi ordered to go to Yunnan, the album is different Mou find Nanzhao, via Shimen, to discipline its lines, especially Cliff title discipline. Cliff area of 0.44 ¡Á 0.36 m from left to right, the text of the book eight straight lines, each 3-21 characters left seven lines of regular script, the last line, Yuan Zi title, the words of Seal. By Cliff facts contained discipline, academics called national symbol of friendship, and corrected the cloud NAN Zhi? Way passers chapter in corruption, its books and relics, southwest frontier literature is rare kind of information. It has a national dimension of the system, set the boundaries of the community, the Kam ethnic harmony, fill missing Tang 's being mistaken membership, increasing the track Yuan book, the major role in history. 1963 funding construction of wind and rain protection Cliff Pavilion. 1965 Provincial People's Committee announced for the provincial key cultural relics protection units. 1980 storm pavilion rebuilt, converted reinforced concrete structure, magnetic inserts ding ridges, Qiaojiao cornices, stand tall. January 1988 the State Council announced the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units. 1995 has been rebuilt on the Cliff Pavilion.

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