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Home >> Tiantaishan Stalactite Cave tour information

Tiantaishan Stalactite Cave

Tiantaishan Stalactite CaveTiantai Mountain cave Tashi 32 kilometers from the county, Lin Feng Township is located on Eagle Rock. Formed in 2.3--2.8 billion years ago, the hole has a macro, beauty, wide, and more features. Cave of 4 layers, each height 20 - 50 meters, the hole and the hole through each other, and each room of the house, which can be developed using a 3 layers. The second layer of the hole has been detected area of 61,095.5 square meters, 2138.2 meters long. Hole located in the mountain, elevation 1100 meters, the cave elevation of 1188.94 meters, the relative height of about 89 meters. Where: 1264.1 m long main tunnel, 35 meters wide and about 25 meters high; adit depth 874.1 m, width 25 m, 18--25 meters high. There are more than 10 halls, the larger width of 100 meters, the small width of 20 - 30 meters.

Secondary calcium carbonate cave sediment type variety, colorful, shapes and sizes. Single, composite body symbiosis, yellow, pink, white or colorless, transparent milk stone, stone pillars, stalagmites abound, mostly standing, side-mount, drape-style distribution. Cave is a cave there are holes, the holes have water, the holes have forest, the holes have mountain. Mountain canyons, valleys and water, fluctuated, suddenly suddenly narrow width. Visitors hell and high water, walking stone paths, stone profile, stone stairs, stone, Cave, speak wonders after another. Million as the Central Health.

Stoop to climb in the hole, before suddenly, Central Hall Plessis milk, stone sticks, stone pillars. Climbing on, all the way to the twists and turns, strange scene, Shiren, boulder, Shilong, lions, stone flower colorful. Invading stone waterfall splashing, magnificent. Stone grapes, crystal flower, stone tumor, stony corals, Shi Lingzhi, stone Hydrangea, Stone Lotus, dizzying, reminding us of scenes exposure to underwater palace. Wander to the back-end Nantianmen floor hole, I saw the thrill of climbing hall lined depression, stone flower in full bloom, jade waterfall diarrhea, reminding us of scenes Temple in Wonderland, enjoyable. On the second layer, Bowring temple incense. Bowring Temple by the hole, still large magnificent, winding paths. The second layer of the lower cave, cave twists and turns, thrilling watery, currently very few people enter. Roof peaks, Greenfield bursts. Muyu package (Master Note: Local names) still secluded caves Longquan, a circular depression pit and ancient trees.

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