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Home >> Lianghe Rocks travel guide and tour

Lianghe Rocks

Lianghe RocksKG rocks in place five kilometers from the Town of Tashi, tie this sudden rupture Ridge Mountains, across the river from the crack, cut half- mile long valley, only ten meters at its widest point, river rock confrontation, towering, named two co- rock cliffs on both sides dug a tortuous path, climbing to between pedestrians need to have man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open the insurance. February 1935 the Red Army passing through here, Comrade Chen Yun recalls: "...... especially the two most advantageous co- rock, as long as the roads were destroyed five feet, the army that can not pass."

KG is the prestige of a big rock landscape, the Red Army after a big danger. It is known risks, name go down in history. Rock is a combination of the two co- department Tashi temple town of Tin Par and dam both offices, 4.5 km from the county seat. KG rocks Mindanao through the mountains and temple Tianba dam tie Ridge Mountains dividing line between two mountains near the cliff at the cliffs, sandwiching a seam, a distance a rock, a close look at a clip joint Kunming tours, two almost close to a rock rock, so that two rocks together. Two rocks, Mindanao through rock 800 meters high, 700 meters high rock ridge tie in this chimney is 80 meters at its widest point, the narrowest point is 30 m, 300 m long.

Two rocks together with known risk to insurance name go down in history, a sweeping cliffs towering cliff, cliffs growing evergreen, twining vine, climbing monkeys jumping rock crows, swallows rock gecko groups, the rise the look, Qingyan Glen, birds contend, is fun, rock excavated from the foot of a rock two feet and a half by road from the foot of the river surging waves impact the sound waves emitted loud roar echoed in the slit, so that the average person Mao bone dumb, foot pole trembling. Finish in the 200 meters semi- rock two feet road, but also by two bridges two sticks billowy, then linking the hundred steep stone staircase to reach the stalagmites Department considered completed two rocks together.

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