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Home >> Elephant Trunk Spa Resort travel guide and tour

Elephant Trunk Spa Resort

Elephant Trunk Spa ResortElephant trunk Spa Resort is located 12 kilometers south of Hua County Office. 80 km away from the Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, 148 kilometers away from the government, covering 2.3 square kilometers, construction area of 70,000 square meters. Elephant trunk springs along the fault belongs to the natural outcrop of deep circulation of groundwater flow 3760m3 / day, water temperature 39-41 degrees, colorless and tasteless, technical appraisal by the State Geology and Mineral Resources Department and other units, is re-carbonated spring, containing silicic acid, strontium , lithium and other 11 kinds of macro elements necessary for the body and 13 kinds of micro-nutrients, suitable temperature, Four Seasons bath, second only to the international quality French Pei Liai mineral water springs nature, is a dual-purpose high-quality precious drinking mineral water bath .

Elephant trunk springs as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty was discovered after drinking mineral water can be refreshing shower, fitness, drive disease, the skin cosmetic effect is remarkable. Ming Dynasty regarded by the masses, holy water, has been developed and utilized. Spa nearby forest Yong Chui, Stephen banks have golden bridges and Resorts, a beautiful environment, is the Four Seasons care increased longevity, recuperation drink bath, ecology, ideal for leisure travel.

Elephant trunk by Elephant trunk springs spa, golden bridge, Cuipingshan, Yunnan trip nursing homes components. Beautiful, beautiful. Xiangbiling cliffs cliffs, bushes, shade clouds, such as the giant elephant hanging overlooking drink. Springs gush from the cliff between the Elephant trunk Heights, moderate temperature (between 39 ¡æ ~ 40 ¡æ), Four Seasons bath. Two springs more than ten meters apart, were turned into male and female bathrooms. Sulfur springs, skin diseases, rheumatic diseases have a certain effect.

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