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Home >> Gaogu Building travel information and tour

Gaogu Building

Gaogu BuildingIn known as the Hometown of clouds (brand name cigarettes Hongtashan place of origin), lantern town (a kind of folk art Yunnan widely sung), Nie Er home (People musician Nie Er 's hometown) Yuxi City, has a fame of the male F Jay Court, formerly known as Fu yuan Court, built in the yuan Dynasty or earlier, the camp of the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Continuation (see Yap multiply, Yuxi Wen sign), after BingXian destroyed.

Nineteen years of the Qing dynasty (1893), was a gentleman Liu Liang Qingdeng initiative to rebuild for the bottom tip of the roof eaves on the second floor a wooden structure, a rooftop for Kuixing statues. The beginning of the end of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic, also known as high kurau Fu Yuan Court. It is said that after the construction of the Gate Court, Northern towns out of the examination. Yuxi who therefore had a high kurau special feeling, are proud to have a high Kurau. A very wide spread in Yunnan folk, is a reflection of this situation. Folk is this:. Wow home Yuxi high Kurau, half chu started to burn incense in the day inside, only fifteen downstairs, looked up high Kurau, hat fell Gully head. Said one high kurau, you know in Yuxi; say Yuxi, you know there is a high kurau. High Kurau Yuxi became a landmark. For centuries, due to the disrepair, became dangerous, the government then demolished in 1993. In recent years, Yunnan tour package to the increasing demands of the masses to rebuild a strong voice. North town party committee and government to respond to popular designs by the original, and in January 2001 the organization construction, high in -situ redevelopment kurau.

High Kurau new three- storeyed square after square steeple thrust stack beam reinforced concrete structure, and high seventeen meters. High Kurau redeveloped, has become a strong local characteristics and cultural tourism building, also north of the city public health, and entertainment destination. Standing tall ancient upstairs, vistas, surrounded by the beautiful panoramic view, Ko Ko downstairs merchants, shops, coming and going, very lively. High Kurau is an important landmark sign Yuxi, Yuxi it connects distant history and glorious future.

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