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Home >> Lancang River Rafting tourist information

Lancang River Rafting

Lancang River RaftingLancang River originates in Qinghai Plateau Tanggula, the Xishuangbanna outflow overseas. Process for 158 kilometers in Xishuangbanna. Ancient Dai said, Southland chapter, meaning one million elephants multiply river. Local such a statement: to less than Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, have not been to Yunnan; not a boat trip to the Lancang River in Xishuangbanna, you have not been to Xishuangbanna; boat trip on the Lancang not watch Ganlanba rock scenery, can not feel Dai village beauty. Lancang River rafting Jinghong to Ganlanba some natural scenery and cultural landscape, is the perfect microcosm of Xishuangbanna.

Classic Yunnan tour to Xishuangbanna, than Lancang Mekong first drift, this period is full of poetic legend landscapes, its natural scenery and cultural landscape is absolutely the most perfect epitome of Xishuangbanna. In the Lancang Mekong this lies to the waves stop Feizhou, Passion play is the heart! Riverside bathing Dai girls with dialogue, dialogue with tropical rain forests, the dialogue with the beach, the dialogue with rare birds and animals, and Dai bamboo House of dialogue, playing is full of flavor! Banna it covers the essence of all the attractions, with irresistible temptation to become the first choice for tourists.

Tour up and down the Lancang River can be divided into two sections. On tour line segment starting from Jinghong, against the current to the tiger jumped the stone, tiger jumped into the stone, the river has gradually shrink, the narrowest point is only about 20 meters. The two sides are uneven big rocks, the river surging. Under section line down from Jinghong tour boat, the Ganlanba to, Laos, Myanmar and the three countries at the junction. Rocks everywhere, leaving Ganlanba down the road, on both sides of steep mountains.

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