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Home >> Tuoniang River travel guide

Tuoniang River

Tuoniang RiverTuoniang Xilin River originate in the north, which is parallel to the east and south of the West River originates Guangnan flowing to the east side of the village Tianlin County of confluence of two rivers south of Funing County border, to the narrow strip with the Ma River and Cape Hall said the Youjiang River after the confluence, to inject Guangdong and the Pearl River. Yujiang downstream river called Youjiang.

The river was wide Tuoniang County, Yunnan Province, Funing County and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tianlin County, Xilin. A total length of 180 km, the main tributary of the Ping River cold, western river and so on. Drainage area 11,600 square kilometers, the average annual runoff of 4.09 billion cubic meters. Tuoniang Jiangliu by mountains, river narrow, fast-flowing, abundant water resources. Old as Yunnan and Guangxi Golden Waterway. Naturals built along the river, burning bright Hill, Victoria, that Bin and other dam, headrace. Tuoniang River in the Ming Dynasty, from the Xilin River said to fit this pond with rounded river, to the Qing Dynasty renamed Tuoniangjiang, narrow strip, said: Tuoniang in the name, the Northern Song Dynasty Nong Zhi Gao Yang area carrying a hundred mother river named.

Funing Tuoniang River Scenic Area is located in the southeast of the province and Guangxi Funing County territory bordered by Tuoniangjiang, owned by North Korea, composed of three patches of birds Wang Shan, a total of 35 attractions, scenic area of 130 square kilometers. Tuoniang River Scenic Area with its show, strange, green, quiet features famous karst caves and dense distribution among many historical sites, scenic ethnic style, excellent climate, with high scientific exploration and tourism value.

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