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Home >> Three Hole, Yunnan tour information

Three Hole

Three HoleThree hole located on the Wenshan county about two kilometers west of West Mountain cliff, is a natural and rugged beauty of the cave, there are three parallel hole, hence the name. Legend has it that there are priests in the Qing Dynasty seclusion, after dynasty, began to build pavilions. From the foot along the stone steps and on the gate had arrived in the pavilion, there is a spacious courtyard, Yao Jian mountains Pingchou CASTLE can, at a glance.

West Mountain Man mountain southwest, is one consisting of a limestone mountain which peaks row 36, flying cliff scarps, due to the long rain erosion, Feng Yao save cluster group of stone, like a lotus, lotus calyx stack Pa; peak a rows of gray pinnacle, Taiwan stagger sword killer, directed at the blue sky, faithfully guarding the text mountain. Mountain trees grow wild, wild flowers standing proudly make Xihuashan more dangerous scenery. At this show, go to the stone edge of the abdominal Xihuashan peak, there are three caves, high open wide, Zhuangruo three World eyes, thus called three eye holes.

Hundreds of years ago, it was in this cave temple in accordance. Nishiyama as to Xiao Ji chu, quiet temple Rao quite interesting. Qianlong, here is that people often had to board a tour of the premises. Thereafter, love increasing repair pavilions, linked hang hanging plaque, erected stone, and renamed the Three holes dynasty, the West Sichuan Bao Chao, has written Stele says: Western Hills High and Xiu Wei Wen, however Three hole viewer it but almost! with wall-natural, no chisel marks, Tuochen tacky, really Wonderland also. Shu jiange, Emei, it seems like the male show.

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