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Home >> Puzhehei sightseeing tours


PuzheheiPuzhehei, Yi meaning fish in many places within the area, five acres of crystal clear water, acres of fragrant flowers, folk customs and authentic, ancient Qi Xiu witnessed a quiet, moving Heaven scene.

Puzhehei is a deal thought karst lakes, karst caves, Butte and ethnic customs and cultural resources and taste of the scenic resort. Puzhehei developed since 1991, attracting visitors from far and wide for sightseeing. 68 full scenic lakes, rivers, 15, Koho more than 300 seats, a large cave 73, 120 km long underground river, 16 lakes in the area. 5 There are 136 scenic attractions dollars, nearly 20 km tour fairway.

Kunming tour to Puzhehei area, if not a boat tour, will become life-long regret. Boat is Yijia generations canoe, three feet wide, however, allow only three people. Driving into the lake, such as an arrow, a brisk wind. If every summer early autumn, you can stop on the Boating Lake to abandon fishing. Everywhere shimmering clouds, surrounded by lotus stamen fragrance, this time can not help but like poetry tidal surge. Swing into the depths of the lake, looking ahead in four, the number of acres of the lake, the leaves round, led the team as Lotus Fairy heaven come to earth, Hope sailed with the wind on the water dancing. As in the painting through, the evening is that boundless lotus leaf, that " lotus lotus intoxicated intoxicated," the scene is people from wandering.

Also in the scenic picnic is a great joy. Tun water lake fish are caught are Tun, on a verdant meadow sitting cross-legged, with the odd water, peaks, Green, flowers discretionary goods, really fun. In 1993, Puzhehei formally approved by the provincial government as Puzhehei provincial scenic area, in 1996 and was approved as Puzhehei provincial tourist areas, the National Tourism Administration identified as foreign area, is being declared as a national scenic spots.

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