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Home >> Balaguezong sightseeing tour


BalaguezongBalaguer were eco- tourism area in the northwest of Indonesia Shangri rural territory, the area is connected with the Sichuan Derong County, West Valley, East and grid soil Canyon Bi Zan Township interlinked, from the bridge to the north through the East Chikurinji, Mang Snow white in Snow with De Qinmei adjacent area in the center of the triangle Dian, the canyons and valleys common soil composition Bi Shangri-La Canyon.

Balaguer were based in La Grand Canyon, there are many side valleys on both sides of these canyons on both sides of the mountain are mostly up to all kinds of huge 1000 m --- 2,000 meters cliff rock textures and bizarre geological folds formed on the precipice plants that rock and mountain landscapes and the odd strange vine tree complement There Gap Gap has the Gap, Gap, criss-cross, linked Gap is the biggest feature scenic Balaguer cases.

Balaguer were Grand Canyon Yunnan Shangri-la tour Diqing Tibetan Autonomous magnificent scenery, Gang Qu River orogeny squeezed by the new one thousand meters in altitude only trough, while cross-strait confrontation is up to four or five kilometers of magnificent peaks and ridges, Canyon at the end of 5545 meters above sea level is one of the three Balaguer were snow mountain Kham region. Strange light, rugged rocks, everywhere in the canyon. Balaguer were still isolated canyon, where there is no electricity, no path, the villagers simple and sincere, 28 km of steep mountain village of Bala is the only channel connecting with the outside world, where mules are the only means of transport. Villagers canyon, mountains, water, and a variety of biological and coexistence for centuries but in the fusion was quiet and serene, let the mountain light shadow, Asagiri Muyun enjoy the show the creativity, the sculpture was all like a dream magic.

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