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Home >> Lubuge Small Three Gorges travel information and tour

Lubuge Small Three Gorges

Lubuge Small Three GorgesLubuge Small Three Gorges scenic area is located 55 kilometers east of the county, along the scenic dam power station from Lubuge up to Huangni are checkerboard, 14 km long, 100 meters wide and 500 meters, the scenic east coast of Guizhou Xingyi City area. From the county to have two Lubuge scenic road: one is along State Road 324 through the Rooster, Itabashi to sheep foot hole into the scenic area, along with foot stand, peaks, peak cluster, Rhino Ridge and other attractions; another one along the Rouge leather cloth asphalt plants by new village, banana Village, and more to follow, is the dam into the grid is the area, there are Great Mountain, and more depending on Buyi village, Yunnan hiking & trekking tours to Lubuge power plants, Huangni Canyon and other attractions along the way.

Lubuge Little Three Gorges dam because Lubuge station scenic backwaters formed length of 20 km. There have been lion Gap, Gap drops spirit, double as Gap and other gorge. Gap has a beauty dressing, monkey fishing month, underwater hanging bamboo, double elephant drinking, Ganoderma years, Dapeng wings, imperial Court banyan, dragon waterfall other natural landscape, dizzying, unforgettable.

Gap smoke river peaks, cliffs thousands of feet. Coastal forest cover, forest quiet deep, Yingti birds, mountain Qi Xiu incomparable. In between the peaks and ridges rivers, karst topography charming stone bud and Koho, peaks and fengcong landscape, nature gods like sculpture made of Wonderland. Boat roaming the meantime, gorge landscape intoxicating, nearly 20 km long gorge lake, pure and crystal clear water, rivers male, dangerous, extraordinary, beautiful landscapes painted woven into a beautiful landscape: male place, surrounded by hills, extraordinary momentum; dangerous place, cliffs Chihiro, wonders scene; odd places, dragon waterfall heaven, like the Denon spit waterfall; show where blue green water, Aoyama heavy.

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