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Home >> Grass Mountain sightseeing information

Grass Mountain

Grass MountainSpring flowers are blooming, unruly fragrant, rippling; summer green grass, cattle and sheep flocks, Swift gathered Vogue quiet streams, one hundred rotation; autumn wind Hispanic cloud sly, spectacular, Yundantiangao, green amethyst; winter, snow mountains, all silver carved jade puzzle, mountain Dance silver Snake, snowy, just like a piece of scenery in the north, known as New Zealand reputation Yunnan.

Sea Grass Mountain Scenic Area is located southeast of Huize sea village, 16 kilometers from the township government resident, 42 km Huize city, provincial Huidong Road (Ze to Dongchuan) crossing over. Grassy plateau climate is temperate, mild climate, abundant rainfall, adequate light and heat, rain and hot season. The annual average temperature 6.7 ¡æ, the hottest month temperature of 12.4 ¡æ -1.33 ¡æ, the coldest temperature of -0.8 ¡æ -0.4 ¡æ, extreme maximum temperature of 19.4 ¡æ, extreme minimum temperature of -18.8 ¡æ; annual average rainfall 1370 mm; annual frost-free period 144 days; mostly southerly wind, usually 2-3 grade.

Huize sea Grassy Wumeng in northeastern Yunnan Kunming tours towering mountains, with a large grassy hill, it endless, gently undulating, beautiful scenery, so the locals call the sea Grass Mountain. Grassy ocean is subalpine meadow. Amid 20 acres of grassy, flat terrain, rolling hills, expansive and magnanimous, broad yet gentle, yet profound vast, deserted and full of vitality. Orioles spring and summer long grass, sheep clouds, cloud Fei Wu Chung winter season, snowy, different times, different Grassy there. Sometimes, suddenly the Mongolian steppes deep immersive; sometimes, and if the snow-covered plateau of Tibet. Because the United States this episode The Mongolian customs, Tibetan landscape have both in one of the magic, and in this year recommended National Geography magazine as one of the 108 beautiful landmark. Its outstanding performance is the peak tourist resources, grass, water, light, flowers, clouds, snow, hole, love and so on.

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