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Home >> Puer Tea Manor travel guide and tour

Puer Tea Manor

Puer Tea ManorPu'er tea tea Manor is prepared tea house, tea storage warehouse, tea shop, tea cottage, tea museum, tea Zen one, King Mai Rainforest clubs, forming impressions and experience the scenic Pu'er tea culture. Relying acres of tea plantations and 30,000 thousand acres of ancient terraced tea gardens, started Brilliant Puer brand; made tea house using traditional production processes, using modern management philosophy and science and technology, a unique Pu'er tea Manor tea summary France, advocated to succinct Pu'er tea with time; storage warehouse fusion of traditional tea, artistic, high-tech way to store Pu'er tea, into celebrity warehouse, time positions, futures positions three portions; tea Museum, main there are demonstration team, the experience hall, tea culture research, to give visitors an intuitive feeling tea performances, learning, experience, training; tea cottage is necessary to preserve the cultural heritage of the original ecology of ethnic villages, but also allow farmers to benefit from the construction of new socialist countryside .

Here the show is 30 kilometers radius of no industrial pollution, Blang people live in harmony with the tea, harmony between man and nature co-write a better picture; Tea Museum, Jingmai mountain itself is a living museum, in addition to showcasing tea planting, harvesting, production, but also from the aspect of life, customs, religion and other local farmers to start, three-dimensional interpretation of the Pu'er tea culture. Also, Kunming travel through the construction of a museum to restore the monument in the history of tea, built village monument, temple monument, ancient Buddha monument, ancient monument headman, and Declaration Jingmai mountain monument and other forms, to promote Pu'er tea culture, so that you're here to appreciate tea and Zen, the people of God were living atmosphere. Visitors thus have a broader space travel experience; Jingmai Rainforest is a super star celebrity convergence clubs, in addition to dignity and identity, the biggest bright spot here is the Pu'er tea culture.

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