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Home >> Mengsuo Dragon Pool travel guide and tour

Mengsuo Dragon Pool

Mengsuo Dragon PoolMeng shuttle Longtan natural freshwater lakes, lake elevation of 1170 meters, approximately mushroom-shaped area of 580 acres, the storage capacity of 5,000,000 cubic meters, the deepest 37 meters, with an average depth of 11.5 meters, the annual average temperature of 23 degrees. Meng Longtan shuttle Tertiary formed in the Jurassic, the fall of the lake is a fault. Kosai, South strait steep coast gentle, water comes from surface water and groundwater lake bottom. Longtan elegant environment, abundant resources for wintering birds, providing excellent conditions, ducks, cormorants, monkeys, silver pheasant, otters, fish and snakes and other wild animals. Longtan around the chain of mountains, sparkling lakes, mountains and rivers, Tianshui matched, integrated lake, scenic very charming.

Longtan plant species for the dragon brain spices, olive branch, and some other families RHIZOPHORACEAE tropical genus. It contains the origins of the lake, but I do not know the water welled place, although it is difficult to pro-deep exploration, suspect dragon in water, so called Dragon. Meng shuttle Dragon in 1982, the county was classified as protected areas, currently the Longtan the core part of the protected area is a national scenic AA level - an important part of West Union Wa major cultural and ecological tourism landscape : Jizi nest, holy water, pythons Valley, Mount Dragon Lord, plates shall rock, pray for rain depression, General methotrexate, monkey cliff, sentimental tree, Sengoku concave, Kunming travel to Rural Social Context Foshan, thousands refers to the tree, the tree bag stone, acacia, Juyou Beach, Burmese Temple, Pitt kiosk concept, crown fern.

Meng shuttle Longtan located in the southern West Union county, and the county mountains and rivers. Longtan east, south, west surrounded by mountains to the north and the county phase. Area is located south of the traffic is very convenient, a few minutes walk away from the city. There are scenic lake lead to even for visitors walking tour around the Longtan.

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