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Home >> Shimen Barrier tour information

Shimen Barrier

Shimen BarrierNu Shimen actually a Gap, two cliffs straight into the river, such as knifed Fuxue solid door, the narrowest point is only more than twenty meters, Nu to here, the river seems to be stuck to something like, Duolu out here turning a small stream to bend later Bingzhongluo. It is said that in the past between the two sides residents must wait until low tide when the water from the beach Nu walked, because both sides of the cliffs could not gain a foothold Liusuo can not be fixed. One to the water rose and flooded the beach, Yunnan tours off the road difficult, is that monkeys, blue sheep have not had Shimen.

Shimen about the formation, there is a beautiful legend. A long time ago, Nu and her two sisters to the south to see the sea brother, so they singing all the way from Tanggula down, Nu girl after birth to a son, see Nu mountain girl looks like Chang E, marry her, so it becomes a wall blocking the Nujiang Dumen girl. Nu girl bent to the south and constantly angry. Yamagami 's son said: I can let you look at my chest ripped honest heart, Having ripped chest, the girl took the opportunity to walk through from Nu ripped chest, the mountain becomes his son's chest today Shimen. Shortly after the formation of Shimen living in Jiangdong guys, Nu fancy a girl in the West Bank, began only across the river, each antiphonal singing. Over time, deepened feelings through song, but so that they can not meet the surging river, both got lovesickness. Heaven joking so painful to see them, he sent his disciples to Shimen shelves boulder. This stone must be called before the shelves in the chicken go, the wine after the disciples to Bingzhongluo for Nu cushions are intoxicated by alcohol, drink a bowl and a bowl, drinking drinking and fell asleep, he woke the day has come when lit, this stone can not stand to go, had to hide in the forest when Zi. Since the joking disciples villain, the couple can not be together eventually, they daily across the river, hoping to give them a new fairy bridge, but he did not stand a. Shimen off the east side of the Nu side, there are fairy cave bird registration, summer landscape flooded cover, only to enter the winter. Bright and spacious cave, a stone milk, stone room. In early February of each year, the local people have to cross the river Nu hole, worship fairy hole.

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