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Home >> Old Tiger Leaping Gorge travel information

Old Tiger Leaping Gorge

Old Tiger Leaping GorgeOld Tiger Leaping Gorge, 50 km away from Liuku altitude of 1150 m, 10 km long gorge, the narrowest point is 10 m, the gap of 20 meters. Lisu language known as La Cross Luo and La Ma Dengpei, meaning that the old Tiger Leaping Gorge valley. Overlapping peaks and ridges on both sides of the canyon, cliffs, such as cutting, river rocks everywhere, the tiger jumped two meters square piece of stone boulders lying in the middle of the river, the river drops down from the sides of boulders, fast-flowing, spray flying, deafening roar resounded through the clouds night. Here is regarded as the tiger clan Lisu birthplace, has all sorts of legends.

Once upon a time there lived a family Gaoligong foothills, this family only father and daughter, father and daughter fishing to hunting. Girl grew up in the canyon jungle, Yunnan hiking tours grew to beasts as partners, clever kind, when she grow up to the age of 18 is a very nice young lady. Snow on Biluo saying there prince cursed and turned into a tiger by the magic of a child, a little girl all day watching Jiangxi, while he himself followed continue to grow, his mind constantly affection for her grows, but his Nujiang barrier to Jiangxi and girl meet. Koto tiger was very distressed, and finally decided to sacrifice his own life but also even see her, the tiger will decide to tell the girl, agreed to place in a relatively narrow river to meet with her. So the tiger walked for three days and three nights, and finally to the most dangerous, the most narrow and the river there is a stone out of the water where they rushed to jump on the river stones, and then skip a leap forward river. Tiger finally meet up with the girl, the gods saw this scene on earth moving scene, they put tiger magic to give lift to restore the prince's prototype, and wish them many descendants and happiness. Their descendants are today Nujiang Grand Canyon of the tiger clan and various other minorities.

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