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Home >> White Water River tourist information

White Water River

White Water RiverWhite Water River located next to Lijiang, Yunnan, Shandong Yulong Snow Foothills Qing's Yunshanping. Yulong Snow Mountain is a melting glaciers by snow-fed rivers, cascading down along the valley jump down, the water clear and green, because the riverbed composed by sedimentary limestone fragments, pale, spring flows, which looks like a white River, hence the name. It is said that water from the Yulong White Water River mouth with spirituality, or a love shrine. This Qinglie incomparable mountain, because of water quality were not any pollution, together with its river, terraces are white marble, limestone gravel composition, water also seems to have become white, hence the name White Water River.

White Water River first Qinglie to you is bright and clean impression. Snow snow melt river system and then filtered through rock, and eventually merged into a spring gush this river. Even in summer, you barefoot across a river, that biting feeling always make you remember the quality of this snowy mountain spring water. White Water River pure water, not any pollution, river pebble red rinse, clear clarity, because Whitehead as the bottom, the water on it, the color is more bright and clean water, White Water River hence the name.

White Water River to your second impression is magical and beautiful, cascading waterfalls along the stream, near the lush vegetation on both sides, the distant peaks backing. White Water River winds flowing from the depths of snow-capped mountains, you can walk or riding upstream, ornamental coastal scenery, snow-capped mountains to explore the river below the initial formation of the situation, and try and taste this natural pure water, bring this refreshing feeling. White Water River flows from the bridge, Yunnan trip to Lijiang has been to the east, not far from the snow-capped mountains in the other one out of the river intersection. This river is the snow-capped mountains snow melts into spring, eventually merged into the stream, the water clean, because the majority of black pebbles underwater, on the water, water color matched black, hence the name Blackwater River, White Water River and Blackwater River confluence, became black White Water River.

Years old snow and snow-capped mountains in black and white stone bred black water, Naxi it has a special feeling, Dongba Lu Lu Rao as volume in black and white to explain things in the world, pointing out that yin and yang, grays open , the world is harmonious and orderly, in front of black and white water, is a natural river, the river of love for you in terms of black and white water, meaning the road without stop, cross the river without barriers, road security and peace.

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