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Home >> Wenfeng Temple trips and travel guide

Wenfeng Temple

Wenfeng TempleWenfeng Temple, the famous Tibetan Buddhist temple shrine Wenfeng, sits writing scenic mountain hinterland. Wenfeng Temple is located in the hinterland of writing mountain, was built in the reign of four years (1739), the Tibetan Karma Kagyu (White Sect) four treasures of His Holiness to Lijiang, require prefect Official propaganda advocating to build the temple, which lasted five marble. Dynasty eight years (1828) rebuilt the hall, Tibetan name Lin Sang Najia table. Meaning secret religious shrines and Lotte blessed monastery, later renamed Wenfeng Temple today. Prosperous period in the history of public housing had five homes, Sengfang twenty four homes, up to hundreds of monks, the first temple of the largest in Lijiang. The existing hall and Sengfang two homes. Hall for three storeyed pavilion-style building, the hall is a grand space, up to four meters. Temple has statues, murals and trees, especially camellia, cedar famous. Temple, Tibetan Buddhism Week conifers, gurgling streams, fresh air, quiet environment, are still a tourist attraction.

Wenfeng Temple is the highest institution of China Northwest trips to Lijiang Yunnan Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism thirteen large monastery, where monks have to get all Palestinian degree must sit far away from the Temple Church night sit-year March 3 three forty-five qualify rites. Wenfeng Temple quite famous not only in Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet region, but also have an impact in India, Nepal, Myanmar and other countries in the Buddhist community. 1956, Buddha's relic (tooth), back to China from Burma, August 8, Wenfeng Temple usher Fozusheli held unprecedented tooth welcome ceremony, becoming an important event in the history of Buddhism, and more so Wenfeng Temple put a glorious religious overtones.

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