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Home >> Baoshan Stone City travel guide and tours

Baoshan Stone City

Baoshan Stone CityBaoshan Stone City is located 110 km north of Lijiang Jinsha River valley, because hundreds of families live in the top of a mushroom-shaped boulder independent named.

Baoshan Stone City Lijiang Naxi language called La Bolu disk dock, meaning Whitehead Baoshan Village, the city Tile Linlin, roadway horizon, the Lijiang Naxi residents monarch rock housing, housing and housing along the stone pillar all with the potential to play Cheng, simple and natural, Wonderful infinity. Stone City are all cliffs on three sides, one side shipo line Jinsha River, just north and south for two out of Shimen, is a true natural barrier of the city.

Baoshan stone was built in the Yuan Dynasty to the first year (AD 1277--1294), and then the seven states under the jurisdiction of one of the Lijiang Road Xuanfuci - Baoshan state capitals, Naxi language called thorn Filippo disk dock, meaning Whitehead Baoshan Village and thorn Bo that Baoshan. Naxi ancestors in Northern and Southern Dynasties of about five or six centuries of migration here, then Baoshan intrastate mountain horizon, deep valleys, lush forests and rich flora and fauna. Yuan Shi Geography contained Baoshan state case, said:. The first since the first floor (Ninglang Yongning) Xiju this twenty YU Shi, Baoshan Stone City is a natural rock city, the whole urban construction in a separate mushrooms the shaped rocks, steep walls, potential, such as cutting, apes also difficult to climb up. Residents on the rocks around, plus built around five feet high stone walls, so Shicheng more defense and cover the entire Baoshan Stone City can access only the front two doors, shut the gates became foolproof refuges.

Towering Baoshan Shicheng, showing the world the Naxi ancestors courage and courage, Naxi giant stone carving works of art. Visitors to this, emotion, fun, this natural fortress amazing.

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