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Home >> 99 Dragon Pool sightseeing information

99 Dragon Pool

99 Dragon PoolLaojunshan main ridge line in the north east side elevation of 3800 meters above the mountain Pass, there are lakes, swamps dozens clusters distributed along the stream, known as 99 Longtan. In ninety-nine on the way to the Dragon, you will see nine blocks CMO boulders, they shapes, thick condensate mysterious, local people refer to them as Nine stone.

99 Longtan Santan interdependent, so it is called three lake. Body of water from snowmelt and summer rains of spring, clear cold water quality. After the lake overflows, merged into the creek, a waterfall, set for the river, through the primeval forest, and ultimately toward the Jinsha, Lancang. These glacial lakes, shapes, 99 Longtan Lake deep mystery, and flowers in the sun shine showing blue, orange, yellow, green, brilliant colors. One of the biggest Yellow Dragon, unfathomable, the lake has trees red coral tree out of the water, often appearing red waves. Legend has it that the lake has hidden dragon home, pedestrians if this loud noise, it will roll becomes muddy lake, coral tree will disappear, and then the wind and rain, thunder and lightning, very alarmed. This is a myth, but a scientific point of view to analyze, Laojunshan towering, staggered by the impact of climate Indian Ocean southwest monsoon, monsoon and the Tibetan Plateau southeast Pacific air mass, so except for the few winter time, the Peak have been shrouded in thick clouds, basic conditions caused thunderstorms, magical phenomenon resulting, you can go from relationship thinking sound, light, electricity and clouds.

99 Longtan also enjoy the original ecological landscape, Longtan mysterious beauty and colorful rhododendron forests odd perfect place. 99 Longtan winter full of icicles, ice is a natural world, CMO incomparable. Currently, travel 99 Longtan need to prepare to sleep the night.

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