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Home >> Dongba Valley travel guide

Dongba Valley

Dongba ValleyDongba Valley is located at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunnan, fifteen kilometers away from Lijiang, the Grand Canyon is a natural ecosystem, as ancient orogeny during a break torn valley. 9.0 km long valley, which is uncanny cliffs, and then mixed with a variety of stalactites, Kuteng, strange trees, rocks, rare birds, songbirds, waterfalls, was found after the locals called Dongba Valley, Naxi language called naked beauty fall, Chinese is a big one valley meaning. Into Dongba Valley, head slightly to see is a large square and behind it Dongba narrow artisan Street, Lijiang tours to the square dance continued, dress spot a false charge, boys and girls of all ethnic groups in high spirits singing and dancing enthusiastically welcome each one came Dongba Valley visitors, make this secluded valley had become a brilliant Happy Valley.

Main Street is the artisan street Dongba Valley, here is the original set of goods traded in commerce. Jie Liangbian the courtyard of some ethnic minorities, the shops are full of national characteristics, a variety of jewelry, furs, herbs dazzling, Dongba yard one elegant, dignified Mr. Dongba concentrate on reading and writing, while the east wall of that Pakistan is like a modern abstract works hieroglyphs generally rich in decorative effect. Out craftsmen Street, across the bridge called the Pro -wave bridge, the bridge is Zhanzhan bare beauty blue lake, far from the Lakeshore misty, hidden when the Yulong Snow Mountain, is in front of the green forest bath road, this forest there are all kinds of twists and turns Kuteng small road, strange trees, rocks, rare birds, songbirds, and animal sacrifice, the beautiful scenery, few pedestrians, is a truly eco- cultural park. Dongba Valley, a valley gradually the world know, a winding path lies a valley filled with ethnic style, a unique cultural and natural landscape beauty in harmony with both a beautiful place.

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