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Home >> Guandu Ancient Town sightseeing information

Guandu Ancient Town

Guandu Ancient TownGuandu town gates (big arch) is located 8 kilometers south-eastern suburbs of Kunming, located in Dianchi Lake, Po River downstream, covering 17 square kilometers. Guandu town many cultural monuments, rich cultural landscape, in an area of less than 1.5 square kilometers have many landscape Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties five mountains, six Temple Court seven, eight Temple.

As a historic town, Yunnan trip to Guandu was a famed ancient ferry, is one of the historical and cultural city of Kunming town, is a large town east Queensland coast of Dianchi Lake, Kunming while the county Yuan Tang and Song Dynasties, Ming has become commercial, handicraft well-developed township. Former Guandu, merchants, towers shine, there are five mountains, six Temple, seven Court, eight temples and numerous cultural landscape, still retains many cultural construction sites. Guandu town is well known for its deep historical and cultural, historical and cultural monuments, although damaged, but the important historical and cultural relics to be preserved. Town with snail shells and those with walls made of rammed clay Chung, still towering in the rain. Tsuchiya houses surviving centuries, it is rare.

Guandu originally called cavity is a screw shell piles Dianchi Lake shore fishing village. Here cloud water Miao Margaret, Xunfeng no waves, picturesque scenery. As early as in the Tang Dynasty, cavity is when Nanzhao kings tour Dianchi ideal place to stop. Song Dynasty, about 1180 to 1190 between stationed Shan illustrates exercise high raw world, often to the nest cave tour boat. World Health boat rope high in the shore, so he gave the nest hole named Guandu. Gao seems fond of Guandu, we simply draw Guandu legacy for their direct jurisdiction, in Guandu cavity home county, and the construction of the city. Guandu as scenic spots, become a palace built villa dignitaries, celebrities patronize linger leaders of the treasure. How many pedestrians in this exchange, horseshoe worn out just before dawn frost, here Girlie invited me drunk, every ship Sheng drum send me go, the old Guandu immersed in a sound of the string and wind orchestra.

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