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Home >> Hani Terrace travel guide

Hani Terrace

Hani TerraceLocated south of Yuanyang County Terrace Mountain, is a masterpiece of Hani people for generations to leave. Yunnan tours to Yuanyang Hani terraced fields cultivated with the mountain terrain changes, local conditions, then reclaimed field Pohuan large, small and steep slopes are cultivated Oda, even under rock crevices Mizobe Hom also open fields, and thus were several acres of terraced large and small only those dustpan large, often have thousands of acres of a slope. Yuanyangtitian scale, magnificent stretches across the Red River south bank of the Red River, Yuanyang County Lvchun and gold equality, Yuanyang only have 17 acres of terraced territory, Honghe Hani Terrace is a core area.

Yuanyang territory full of mountains, all are built on a terraced hillside, terraced slope between 15 degrees to 75 degrees. In terms of a hillside, terraced highest series of 3000, which is rare in foreign terraced landscape. Terraced Fields There are three major scenic spots: dam of scenic spots including the Qing mouth full Fu Zhuang, Ma Li Village, 14000 Main Lu et contiguous acres of terraced fields, including scenic Laohuzui Meng goods, cave Pu, A Meng control, Paul, nearly 6,000 acres of terraced cottage, and more and more by Tree by Tree attractions include love spring, shelter and other large terraces on contiguous acres. So many terraces, nestled in the vast forests, in the sea of clouds covering the long, constitutes a magical magnificent landscape.

Of course, the most worth seeing here is Laohuzui terraces. That year, a French photographer, a photo Laohuzui alone, was named one of the world's seven natural landscape found in the current year. Laohuzui terraced stereoscopic strongest since the steepest slope, so the layering of color and most intense, colorful. In the lowest terrace is the most attractive place to eyes, which most distant from the eye piece that looks very much like a horse disease in Fen Yang Ti Jun Ma - these are the people and the natural coincidence. Nagarjuna dam in terraces, is a completely different style, it is small, bright, a bit less grand, but a few more playful and energetic. Nagarjuna dam because the water containing terraced develop points with terraces elsewhere are not the same, so a maximum of duckweed, green -yellow to red, if you want to close contact with it, here is the most appropriate place.

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