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Home >> Chengzi Ancient Village tour information

Chengzi Ancient Village

Chengzi Ancient VillageChengzi village located in two states (Honghe, Wenshan) three counties (Luxi, Maitreya, qiubei) Along the smell of the land, 25 km from the city of Luxi County, Luxi County Yongning Township case. The whole village is located in the 200 -meter-high slope Fei, area 55.59 ha, east dragon winding west Yuping, Beacon Hill, North Furong Mountain (aka Wood Wing Shan), posterior Jinding Hill, a small river meandering flow.

According to legend, the white spoon Department Yi ancestors selected here have used the branches of a tree to build a twenty-four soil palm room, twenty-four families live, so they lived down the long, endless. Ming Chenghua period soil prefect expensive, where the construction of its own bureaucratic, change white spoon (Chengzi village old name) is Wing House, so that the palm room where the soil has been large-scale development, the formation of Tainan pattern, It has been 500 years of history.

The villagers here live in harmony for generations, dating Xiangbang, Yunnan trip forming a simple and friendly folk. The reason for this lies not only in the palm room cool earth practical features, but also because the soil undefended palm house building Nobu hearts and minds of undefended. Chengzi village yard, water is plentiful, the former village has a moat, from east to west inject Nanpanjiang for the village provides ample irrigation, drinking, bathing and other production and living water, south of here, evergreen forest vegetation green hardwood species and coniferous forests (pines, Abies) mainly evergreen shrubs is greater. Government to implement the policy since returning farmland, planted a lot of eucalyptus, cedar, fruit trees, latiflorus other economic trees, mountain forest vegetation coverage rate of about 28 %.

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