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Home >> Tiecheng Stupa travel information and tours

Tiecheng Stupa

Tiecheng StupaTree bag Mans Friendship Road tower is located within Mans first primary, Dai said, Mother Sister wide columns, formerly known as Tiecheng stupa is built to commemorate the first war, the stupa is solid brick, was roots wound covering, named tree package tower, built by local Dai oldest pagoda. Magical tree bag chic tower, the tower as a site of King Kong, majestic style, like a stalwart Linden distraction Jusan cover your overhead. Thick canopy arms toward the sky like, bronzed odd dead trunk bending, tightly wrapped around the tower, tree wall like a waterfall floor, bathed in Kentucky, trees wrapped tower, tower hugged a tree, interdependence, side by side , forming a unique view of the tree package Thaci, a well-known western Yunnan and Southeast Asia.

According to Dai historical records, this tower was built in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong fifty three years (1788), is the oldest stupa built Dai Mans, Mans seventeenth by Tusi put more of the world to commemorate the victory of the war and the construction, in the Dai language called broad Farm sister columns (Chinese word for Tiecheng stupa). This tower shape for the touch ±È°¢É³ type, is Dai Theravada Buddhism independent tower a small brick structure from the main tower and four smaller towers, 11.6 meters high main tower, the tower was built in the octagon on Xumizuo, small tower high 3.97 meters, stand Taki around. Tower body has a shrine, both in respect for the shrine of Buddha.

To protect the pagoda, had been conducted repairs, 1985 Dehong local cultural relics bureau repair them again, set up a fence around the tower, the two were set up with Dai and Chinese characters engraved on both sides of the fence at the entrance there are stone stupa Introduction and plastic animals on a pylon Ga Duo 4. Today, this tower is listed as cultural relics protection units for Yunnan trip, but also the locals worship the Buddha land.

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