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Home >> Ecological Park travel guide and tours

Ecological Park

Ecological ParkWanding Ecological Park located in Ruili City, Dehong Wanding Economic Development Zone, eco- tourism ornamental features, garden sets, travel -in-one tourist park.

Eco-tourism park covers an area of 189,600 square meters whole garden is divided into botanical gardens, zoos, Peacock, python park, birds Valley, ecological and other scenic herbarium. Into Eco- tourism park gate, bypassing the towering landmark park, went to the rare and Botanical Gardens. Which covers more than 6000 square meters, the floor paved with green and white bricks, ecological park of tall trees shade the large Aoki as an umbrella, covering more than half the garden. Under the " umbrella", Cyathea arborea, Dong Brown and other rare species, led sticks ride leaves shimmering. After former tree, dotted with pavilions scattered bamboo house, a pair of dinosaur statues, hidden meantime, give the green gardens adding to the mysterious atmosphere. Park is on the right Herbarium ecological park, the park displays hundreds of plant and animal specimens, available for tour guests to enjoy, a wide flat central avenue, through the depths of the gardens, palm lined avenue lined Dong, green grass. Go inside two hundred meters along the road on to the Peacock. Peacock is the main project of ecological park, covering 15,000 square meters, the garden fence body with wire cover system from top ride, park forest trees, clear water into the lake. Currently the park peacock peacock breeding white, blue, green three kinds of thousand only. These peacock beautiful body, calm temperament, or row, or stop them, or cry, or fly, and tourists live in harmony. Peacock Garden across the road and is slightly smaller scale python Park and Zoo. Here breeding leopard, sun bears, monkeys, pythons, Yunnan travel to the eagle and other dozens of birds and beasts. Some of these ferocious animals, and some quick action, and some cuddly looks to bow to form yet another natural landscape Wanding Ecological Park.

Birds Valley is the main project of ecological garden is another big attraction, which is located in the greenery, spring gurgling mountain valley. Area of over 9600 square meters, the park gates distinctive architecture, two giant phoenix carved on it, shining in the sun glazed peaceful glory. Connect Park is a tall door open fiber grille, high overhead in the valley on top of it, they constitute a paradise for birds. According to reports, more than 100 kinds of birds with all kinds Bainiao total of more than 3,000, mainly thrushes, parrots, pigeons, yellow duck, white pheasant, Golden Pheasant, etc., in addition to ostrich, jungle fowl, swans and other birds. In order to facilitate their growth and reproduction, the park in addition to retain some natural forests, but also has a travel rockeries, ponds, etc. Caoting for their rest or play. Walking in the middle of birds, bird watching Xiangji, mandarin ducks, swans dance, listen to melodious sound of birds, Wanding Ecological Park people to linger, YouYouRan intoxicated. View Wanding Ecological Park Big Secret, looking for novelty Wanding Ecological Park Tourism Strategy, to show the unknown Wanding Ecological Park landscape TripAdvisor hope you can join and work with you to explore the real Wanding Ecological Park.

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