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Home >> Bianchui Ancient Village tours and travel guide

Bianchui Ancient Village

Bianchui Ancient VillageYunnan Dali Heqing border ancient village located 12 km south, 54 kilometers away from Lijiang, Dali, 132 kilometers away, covering about 50 acres, is a unique online travel Dahlia residential style tourist areas. Here unique architecture, exotic scenery, but there is nowhere quiet winding paths, there is not charming scenery. Here inhabited by a group of secular border almost forgotten who said these people had lived in the China-Burma border border, no nation, living a primitive life, they cover them with leaves, eat cold food, living in the trees.

Guzhai yard covered with rows of small thatched house, looks like a melon melon watching people live in shacks, although not to mention clever layout, but also orderly, neat and clean. I do not know what the thatched cottage hanging animal skull, placed in front of the house hunting beasts and defense tools, as well as on the ground dragnet tree, said to be used by the fowler.

Area is divided into face painting smell body area, hunting area, welcome area, miraculous energy region, Marriage zone five parts. Face painting smell body region is showing visitors the security; hunting area is displayed in harsh environments, the ability to capture prey, in the ancient village is difficult to catch prey, just to show skills. Border area is welcome to show people dancing, warm welcome wild Road; miraculous energy region show that many of the border who let the world can not understand the miraculous, such as licking plates, eating Tan, light instep people step on the glass, caught pig, eat leaves, bark, chew, bird, fly hunting, drinking blood, eating raw meat and so on. Marriage zone show is very different border Marriage between man and the world of fashion, but this does not show, I do not know how they are different.

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