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Home >> Chuxiong Museum travel information and tour

Chuxiong Museum

Chuxiong MuseumChuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Museum promoted national 4A level scenic spots, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Lucheng Museum is located at the southern tip of the state capital, is one of the Eighth Five -Year period the construction of three major museums in Yunnan Province, is currently the largest national minority autonomous prefecture comprehensive museum. Museum broke ground in June 1993, July 21, 1995 was completed and opened during the Chuxiong Yi Torch Festival. Make full use of its design and construction hillside shaped elevation, mountain on the potential layout, Yi residential soil palm room, a large stack of wooden houses with roofs of modern architectural style integration, make the building not only highlights strong local ethnic characteristics, but also reflects the grandeur of modern architecture.

Chuxiong Museum covers an area of 60 acres, with a total construction area of 11,200 square meters, six square layout. Which the exhibition area of 7,000 square meters. Museum green grass, flowers and lush. The creation of an orderly room, paleontology hall, historical relics hall, ethnic Hall, CCP Chuxiong local history room, painting room, plant and animal specimens halls, concert halls and other holes 8 through 12 exhibition galleries, cultural relics exhibition 8400 I pieces.

Paleontology Hall of Dinosaurs, marine life, land animals, Lufengpithecus, Yuanmou hominoid five units to map, text, in the form of fossil specimens of the Trinity, China Kunming tours to introduce people to the origin of life on Earth from the trilobite to the long history of the evolution of Australopithecus. Exhibited dating back 8,000,000 years ago Lufeng Ramapithecus fossils 400 million years ago Yuanmou butterfly Ramapithecus fossils. These fossils prove Chuxiong is one of the birthplaces of mankind.

Painting collections and exhibition hall has some domestic accomplishments calligraphy, painting, paper cutting and other works of art, including more than 100 pieces, which one has dozens of Yi calligraphy. There Guo, the Panchen Lama, who calligraphy artworks. Plant and animal specimens Hall of seed plants, terrestrial vertebrates, nature reserves, freshwater fish, forest insect 5 units, through the observation of a large number of plant and animal specimens, enabling people to Chuxiong has a rich flora and fauna overview understanding.

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