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Home >> Small Montenegro sightseeing guide

Small Montenegro

Small MontenegroLocated in the western border of Yunnan trip Longling territory, is the southern extension of broom Gaoligong Mountains. Cross latitude 24 degrees 15 minutes -24 degrees 51 minutes east longitude 98 degrees 34 minutes -99 degrees 11 minutes. -3001.6 Meters altitude 600 meters between the north and GaoligongshanNational Nature Reserve connected West with the new expansion Tongbiguan protected areas bordering southeast Nujiang and Tuck Snowy Mountains protected area across the river, the total area 16,012.8 hectares, of which the core area of 7077.2 ha experimental area 8935.6 ha) from North to South lanes by irregular lumps of ancient mountain (2656.6ha), small-Montenegro (including large and small snow-capped mountains), a bowl of water (3783ha) Jiang Zhongshan (2183ha) composed of four sub-protected area, located in Longjiang, Zhen'an, dragon new, Bristol Village, like Delta, Tinian, Meng waxy, Yongsan eight township (town). Special geographical location makes little Montenegro Provincial Nature Reserve has become an important link between the Gaoligong, Tongbiguan southwestern Yunnan protected areas and populations.

Protect the southern extension broom belonged Gaoligong Mountains, forests and wildlife nature reserves, protection of the original humid evergreen broad-leaved forest, rare Cyatheaceae forest and wild rice, green peacocks and other wildlife-rich species as the main natural resources. It is known that there are various types of protected animals 137 kinds and subspecies, is a national protected animals 45 kinds: Among 10 kinds of levels, such as green peacock, slow loris, Assamese macaque, the Philippine's leaf monkeys, gibbons, red panda, pangolin, black bears, monitor lizards, pythons, etc. Higher plants are known to have more than 115 families of ferns, 278 genera and 475 kinds, which belongs to the rare and endangered plants and national key protected plants 40 kinds of Yunnan Province. Such as Cyathea, wild rice, long Rui magnolia, yew, water Aoki, top fruit, King East wing sub-tree, silver magpie tree, magnolia flowers and so on. In addition there are many valuable medicinal herbs in protected areas, but also the importance of water conservation within Longling region, to promote the sustainable development of the local society and economy plays an important role in safeguarding.

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