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Home >> Pine Tree Hill tour guide

Pine Tree Hill

Pine Tree HillBaoshan City, Yunnan Province is located in the township Meng Longling December, as the main battlefield of World War II Japanese western Yunnan. Hengduan Mountains Gaoligongshan mountains, ridges and peaks by the size of more than twenty constituted the main peak 2,200 meters above sea level on top of the north, east and south side overlooking the momentum of the world's second Grand Canyon - Nu River valley. Nu east coast mountain cliffs Matsuyama confrontation with the West Bank, the formation of the great tide, clouds fly peak plug Nu natural moat. The famous Burma Road after crossing the bridge by Armco Nu River, between the mountain cliffs hovering more than four kilometers. Great man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open trend, throat fortress Burma Road, is the United States military strategist called Oriental Gibraltar. World War II, one of China's biggest battles South - Matsuyama battle on in here.

Now Songshan battle site, as the Second World War to save one of the most complete Battlefield. Mainly in December Meng Township Yakou Village and west sides of Matsuyama Peak area, a range of about four square kilometers. Matsuyama in size, such as the size of seven Huangtupo high ground, bunkers, trenches, craters everywhere visible. Among the more important footprints are: Matsuyama job remains the main front army trenches and pits the Big Bang ; roll dragon slope, eagle squatting Hill Battlefield ; Japanese power plants, pumping stations and comfort stations and other sites. Longling Commission, the Government and the higher authorities for the protection and development of the Yunnan tours site Matsuyama work very seriously, earmarked 150,000 yuan fix Japanese soldiers cemetery, built the three signs explained monument, 18 sites and a description of the monument mountain roads. May 2010, Longling Commission, the government invested more than 200 million yuan of funds to enhance the level of the mountain roads, the construction of a paved road 6.5 meters wide.

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