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Home >> Jihong Bridge travel guide and tours

Jihong Bridge

Jihong BridgeJi Hongqiao between Yongping County on the Lancang River in recent years, research by experts confirm that it is the oldest extant chain bridge. This retrospective history of bridges, both get a glimpse of the wisdom of ancient peoples of Yunnan, but also from one side to understand the traffic situation in Yunnan ancient. From more than 1000 km Lancang River in Yunnan, Tibet into the process, thousands of miles across the mountain range of the Rift Valley, the two sides Alexander and deep valleys, cliffs, river rock clouds, numerous rapids, water changes with the seasons, to the shipping inconvenience. If the river the next day, crossing the river, such as insurance. For thousands of years, people of all nationalities living in the two sides, in order to conquer this natural barrier on the river opens up numerous ferry, set up a number of bridges, of which the oldest is the blue -chun Ferries the.

Tang bamboo rope bridge has been built here. Yuan was later replaced by a wooden bridge with a boat crossing the complex. Later changed to a chain bridge. Lan Jin Ferries Cliff Inscription many characters, some every word actually height of about 1.8 meters, forceful magnificent, quite daring, scribe, grass, Kai various bodies were prepared. It is a treasure trove of history, literature, calligraphy, and adds luster to the mountains, to the visitors increased interest elegance. Cliff has an ancient street foot iron pickets, top mushroom -shaped, about 80 cm above the ground, a circumference of about 72 cm. According to legend, the Ming Department boat column. Jin Bang cliff inscriptions, that is the bridge. Masonry of the piers along the cliff, pier about 25 meters, and the chain along the pier and over, penetration cliff crevices. Above the abutments, built the bridge, pedestrians can rest, bridge-watchers also in this accommodation. Ji Hongqiao thick chains from the 18 to the skeleton, bearing the root end of the chain to the calendar, arranged in the form of Octet, and another two for the handrails on each side in about 30 to about 1.5 meters tall iron bars to the side ropes cable link between the outside and the bottom to form the railing like. Bottom about every 6 meters have an iron splint, the 16 foundation cable lock, upper horizontal plate, with wire tied on chains, between the plates, then wood and clinch a tight grip. Standing bridge, looking upstream hundred meters, Lancang also honeysuckle xuelang, but near to the water slowly and did not fly Jingtao Bay. Xu then had totally disappearing, then deep silence, the enigmatic 10 words flow situation depicted here. 20 years ago, our ancestors choose such a gentle flow, storms rarely a place for the ferry, but also how rich in scientific vision !

As the trail, Cliff, bridges, western Yunnan China tours and development are closely linked, in history, culture, architecture, and many bridges have scientific value, the government has allocated renovation, tied for the provincial cultural relics protection units.

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