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Home >> Yunnan >> Yunnan Travel Guide >> Lijiang >> Jade Dragon Snow Mountain travel guide and tour

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang China
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang Yunnan
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain lies 18 kilometers north of the town of Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County. The scenery can be divided into four kinds: the alpine snow area scenery, the water scenery, the forest scenery and the meadow scenery.

The alpine snow area scenery refers to the scenery 4,000 meters above sea level. The main peak Shanzidou, 5,569 meters high, together with the other 13 peaks which run 35 kilometers from the south to the north, look like a giant crystal jade dragon and thus get the name of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The glacier, which is the most southerly of the glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere and the seas of snow spread all over the mountain.

The water scenery mainly refers to the scenery along the banks of the Baishui River, the Heishui River and more than ten pools and springs at the foot of the eastern part of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The forest scenery varies with the change of elevation.
The meadow scenery is the alpine meadows scattering from south to north in Dielu(Deer Falling) Level Ground, Ganhaizi(Sweet Water) Level Ground, Yunshan(Yunnan Spruce) Level Ground, and Maoniu(Yak) Level Ground accordingly.

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