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Home >> Manfeilong Stupa sightseeing and tour

Manfeilong Stupa

Manfeilong StupaManfeilong Stupa in Jinghong county damenglong a dragon called the Man behind the stockade hilltop, 70 km away from the Autonomous Prefecture Yunjinghong, three kilometers away from the Damenglong, Xishuangbanna is famous pagoda group, also known as Diamond Throne tower. Dai language as waxy village tower dragon, tower waxy meaning bamboo tower, is intended to shoot the bulk of the tower. It was also because of its white, judge and White Tower. This tower was built in the Dai 565 (AD 1203), who is said to Meng leader Hu Banan batch main building, designed by three Indian monk.

Towers built on a total of nine Peak, Taki was Orange Peel shaped plum-shaped, circumference 42.6 m. Wherein the main tower 16.29 meters high, surrounded by eight small towers encircling distributed 80 cents per small towers 9.1 meters tall, the tower is a multilayer gourd-shaped stone structure is solid brick. A female tower, 8 transposon tower, at first glance looks like a tall clump bold Otake, but also like they stand stout bamboo shoots, magnificent. The whole pyramid rain raw bamboo shoots emerged, patchwork, solemn structure, color snow white as jade, because the village is located in the Cayman dragon, the shape of bamboo shoots, bamboo dragon named Man column. There is a tremendous pace outanane printed on the rocks, pass the Buddha's footprint. There is also a former footprints holy water, water Qinglie, inexhaustible, poking out of the holy water with a Buddhist monk's staff, with a can cure all diseases, misfortunes difficult to avoid. Therefore, until today, visitors to the fountain, to be Ju Yipeng spring water, drink a few mouthfuls, wash the eyes ears, in order to get the Buddha shade, paying attention, clean peace.

Manfeilong Stupa, structure of the tower building belongs to Theravada Buddhism, but the octagonal Xumizuo and shrines edge decorative patterns, but also mainland Han Chinese architectural style, is the absorption of other ethnic Dai people in ancient architectural style created national architectural art, is China less Some pagodas clear goods. In 1988 as a national key cultural relics protection units.

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