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Home >> Lashihai Bamboo Raft Tour tour guide

Lashihai Bamboo Raft Tour

Lashihai Bamboo Raft TourLashihai actually fault structures Lake, while dissolution tectonism formed by limestone. Surface water into the lake water has a south and north of the US-Sutlej river. Water Wenhui water area of 265.6 square kilometers, the lake original escape from the northwest side of the cave. In the past, the lake a significant seasonal variation, high water level during the rainy season, the maximum storage capacity of 180 million cubic meters, the water nine square kilometers, water depth of up to nine meters; the dry season the water level dropped, and even dry up. Since the 1980s, has water conservancy, before the sinkhole build a tall dam, the water can no longer flow freely to go, but from Haidong Huangshan whistle to get through the water tunnel, the inflow of Lijiang City. Lashihai the season to maintain a certain water level in the lake into a plateau lakes, the lake as a mirror reflecting the Yulong Snow Mountain, safe habitat for wintering waterfowl, or flying between the blue sky, constitute the plateau wetland unique atmosphere.

Into Lashihai wetlands, harvest the most nourishing memories. People to Lijiang, generally not miss Lashihai Lijiang wetland raft getaways, breaking the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau impossible rippling raft of myth, you kiss Lashihai find a more romantic way. Under the blue sky, Sinking, On raft you dance with small waves, and waterfowl whisper, dialogue with the lake and mountains whisper. raft lengthy, lengthy heart.

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