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Home >> World Butterfly Ecological Park tourist guide

World Butterfly Ecological Park

World Butterfly Ecological ParkWorld Butterfly Ecological Park, located in Kunming, Yunnan Province town of Xishan District Biji black buckwheat mother village, where simple folk, beautiful environment, fresh air, natural no dirt, the forest coverage rate to 98%. Negative oxygen ions up to 20,000 / cm3 or more. Group is tourism, sightseeing, vacation, leisure, entertainment, education and Adolescent Medicine butterfly breeding, viewing, processing, scientific research as one of the major eco-tourism park.

Park road unobstructed, along the coast and on the high-speed Dianchi kilometer border from the city center, the railway station, the airport no more than 30 minutes, Kunming, after the Expo, and an ethnic village project. Plays a role in promoting the further development of tourism industry in Yunnan Province, not only because of its rare butterflies and teenagers Cape education base film base, or at most butterfly species in the world, the scale of the highest level, the largest number of supply, process manufacturing the finest, best ecological resources world-class scenery big garden. Take time to bring the mood, relax, relieve breathing, leaving downtown Kunming, we travel together. Departure as long as 30 minutes to come to this modern romantic hideaway from Kunming - World Butterfly Ecological Park.

World Butterfly ecological park has three wonders: Live Butterfly Garden, seasons, love regardless of the season, Fall in love with the beauty and freedom, Fall in love with a butterfly garden. Kissing each petal, feel the aura from butterfly fairy, dream sleep in this extremely flowers, leave enough breath, I do not know how many times has experienced reincarnation, seeking only to see here, there is against the background of flowers, butterflies around . Hill lines, spring patter of the sun, happy flowers open each flower, each cheerful butterflies flying into the live butterfly garden to witness the beautiful cicada becomes lovely spirit, and experience the butterfly garden, cocoon moved, Four seasons flowers, butterflies dancing, naughty elf around your flying, sometimes you fall on the shoulders of the foot rest, sometimes secretly kiss your face, mountain flowers, butterflies Manwu, inadvertently, beautiful fantasy butterfly heart is Park open.

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